Personalized jewelry

An engraved piece of jewelry will bring the wearer to a whole other level of emotion. Engraved jewelry bears a message, commemorates an event (a marriage, baptism, engagement, etc.) It is both a memory of the event and a gift, given or received. These two qualities are what make engraved jewelry so special. Engraved jewelry is with the wearer all the time and sends a message to others about the wearer. Make every piece of jewellery unique with our wide range of engraving options. Give your creativity free rein and give your jewelry a very personal touch.

There is no limit to the possibilities of what we can engrave on your jewelry. Each engraving makes the piece of jewelry unique and personalized for the one who will wear it. Explore our vast selection of options for the engraving in order to make the person who will receive the jewelry feel loved.

We engrave for you

Step 1: Make your choice
Use our online catalog to choose the piece of jewelry you would like to have engraved. A
tip: all of our engravable jewelry is found in the section titled “TO ENGRAVE”
Step 2: Be creative
Start with one of our engraving templates and add your own words, numbers, symbols,
or a mix of all three.
Step 3: Take the time to double-check
Inscriptions, messages, or dates are permanent once they have been engraved on your
jewelry. You don’t want to see it every day with a wrong date, a misspelled word, or a
symbol that doesn’t mean anything, so take the time to double-check your design before
you confirm your order.