Popular questions

How much does delivery cost?
The delivery fee depends on which carrier throughout the world is delivering your item.
The price is calculated in real time between our workshop and the delivery companies,
so it is possible it will vary from one order to the next.
How long will it take for me to receive my order?
In general, with standard delivery, it will take 3 to 8 days. With our rapid delivery, it will
only take 1 to 3 days.
What types of payment are accepted?
You can place your order with a credit card, debit card, your Paypal account, or even a
gift card.
Can I track my order after it is shipped?
Our transporters all use a shipping tracking system. In other words, when your order is
given to a transporter, you will receive an email informing you of its shipment that will
allow you to follow all the steps of its transportation until it is delivered. Check your
spam folder if you have not received any news about your order within 3 to 4 days.
Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@noraeva.com if your package is delivered to the
wrong place or to the wrong person. It happens very rarely, but it’s possible nonetheless.
How do I modify or cancel my order?
Once an order has been verified, it is unfortunately no longer possible to cancel it. This is
because of an automatic order-following procedure in our computer system. But don’t
worry, if your jewelry is not engraved or personalized, you can send it back at any time
within thirty days of its delivery. This is what we call the Thirty Day Guarantee.

For the same reason, it isn’t possible to change the details of your order, for example
adding or removing an item or making a change to your delivery address.

Our computer system does not allow orders to be modified once they are in progress
(such as adding or removing items, modifying your address). It is for this reason that we
strongly recommend that you double-check your order before placing it.

What is the procedure for returning an order?
The Thirty Day Guarantee lives up to its name: if you are not entirely satisfied with a
piece of jewelry, you can return it to us within thirty days of when you received it. You
are 100% satisfied or reimbursed. However, this Guarantee does not apply to engraved
or personalized jewelry.

For a properly done return, we ask that you return the jewelry in a registered envelope
with proof of receipt. You will need to keep proof of shipment until the return is
processed. In other words, until you are reimbursed or on the off chance that your
package gets lost in the mail (less than 1% of packages are lost in the mail).

Please note that you are responsible for the costs of returning your item.

Important: in order for your return to be accepted by our customer service, the articles
being returned must be in their original packaging. This helps them resist wear-and-tear
caused by shipping.

Even though we accept returns of jewelry, it does not mean that we are not constantly
looking for ways to improve the quality of our services and our jewelry. Also, we ask you
to fill out the form below and attach it to your return. This will not only give you a
chance to express your thoughts, it will also allow us to improve our services and

The processing of returns takes many days. Not only must we take into account shipping
delays, but also the time needed by our customer service to take a close look at your
request and reason for the return.

Unfortunately, we canot accept returns of engraved or peronalized jewelry. They are
made specificaly to the order of a customer and won’t be what other customers want,
which is why it would be impossible to put them back up for sale on the site. This is why
returning them isn’t allowed. AAA takes no responsibility for an entry error or bad choice
made for the engraving or personalization of the jewelry.

To avoid this situation, make sure to take the time to double-check the engraving or
personalization that you will order before confirming your order.

For the return to be accepted, we require that you return the item intact, that is,
never-worn and ideally in packaging that is still sealed. Every item that is returned
damaged opens a dispute that must be resolved by customer service. It is possible that
in certain cases a discount will be given based on the level of deterioration.

Is it possible to exchange a piece of jewelry?
Our computer system cannot handle exchanges. Most often, we are asked about
exchanges for the size or color of the jewelry. In this case, we ask that you return the
jewelry you aren’t happy with to have it refunded and then make your new order.

If you wish to shorten or lengthen a bracelet after delivery, you can contact our
customer service for methods and pricing. Our customer service can be contacted at:
info@noraeva.com. You can find all of the details on the services offered by our
workshop by visiting the Services page of our website.

What should I do to care for my jewelry?
In order to get many years of use out of a piece of jewelry, you must take care of it. In
order to share care tips, we have created the page “Taking Care of my Jewelry.”
Why is my jewelry tarnished?
Silver is a metal that tarnishes over time. It is the natural process of the oxidation of
metal by the air. The oxygen in the air changes the structure of the silver. In order not to
speed up this natural process, we strongly recommend that you not wear your jewelry
when sleeping, taking a bath or shower, or putting on makeup and perfume. Gold
jewelry oxidized a lot less quickly than silver jewelry.

Our jewelry does not contain Rhodium. Rhodium is a metal in the same family as
platinum. In order to enjoy your jewelry for a long time, we recommend that you read
the page “Maintaining My Jewelry – Expert Advice.”

What should I do if a piece of jewelry is broken?
All jewelry bought on our website is covered by the 2-Year Guarantee in case of material
and manufacturing defects, starting the date of your purchase on the site. Jewelry
repairs are free for the entire period of the Two-Year Guarantee. If, as in rare cases, the
jewelry is not repairable, or the repair will be more expensive than the original price of
the item, in those cases we will offer to let you choose a piece of jewelry of equal value
on our website.

Our Two-Year Guarantee does not cover the replacement of pieces used as often as a
bracelet or ribbon. It also does not cover jewelry that has been abused by falling,
accidents, or shock.

The Two Year Guarantee is not a substitute for and does not interfere with applicable
laws within the country of delivery nor with the law in place in our country, Canada.

To make use of our Two-Year Guarantee, it will be enough for you to send the jewelry
back to us before the second anniversary of your purchase. It must include a copy of
your bill.

For the return to happen properly, we ask that you return the jewelry in a registered
envelope with proof of receipt. You must keep your proof of shipping until the return
process is finished. In other words, until you have been reimbursed, or in the unlikely
event that your package is lost (less than one percent of packages are lost en route). We
are not responsible for loss or theft during shipping. Therefore, we strongly recommend
that you accept the insurance offered by the postal service, which will reimburse you in
the case of loss or theft.

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