Triple Ankle Bracelet


Flaunt that gorgeous beach foot in this exquisite celestial ankle bracelet with moon and stars. An excellent piece of jewelry that features one rolo chain with a crescent moon pendant and stars and one beaded ball chain. The look is further enhanced with a beautiful anklet band, featuring a blue natural stone. The sparkling diamante ankle bracelet is just the perfect accessory you need to accentuate your style statement.

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  • Combines a two-chain ankle bracelet and a ball-design band to render a complete look
  • Premium-grade material with 18K gold-plated finish
  • Diamante-studded moon and star motifs offer a glamorous look
  • 100% Certified in Canada

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm







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Jewelry weight

7.3 g

Jewel size

22 Cm



Jewelry Care




Jewelry Care

With proper care, your Noraeva jewelry pieces can last for years to come! It all begins with being informed about how to wear your jewelry, when to take them off, and how to care.

  • Avoid wearing your jewelry while washing your hands or taking shower. They may lose their shine and fade over time
  • Once a week, clean your jewels using a mixture of water and a light dishwashing solution to retain their luster
  • Do not use water to clean pieces with softer stones such as amber, pearl, emerald, coral, etc. because they can lose their gleam. Use only a soft cloth
  • Avoid exposing your jewels to perfumes or elements that contain harsh chemicals
  • Store them in an air-tight box when not wearing

To know more about how to care for your Noraeva jewelry, check our jewelry care page.


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